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Nutrient Recovery & Sludge Dewatering

Trident is a leading resource for advanced wastewater & sludge treatment as well as nutrient recovery technology

Trident Processes is one of the leading providers of wastewater treatment, biosolids dewatering and nutrient recovery solutions. We develop custom solutions and turnkey systems for wastewater and sludge treatment as well as biosolids dewatering and focus in particular on the municipal, industrial and agriculture sector. Whether starting from the beginning developing an innovative overall solution or developing a solution that will work better within an already existing process, Trident has helped many customers and is regarded as one of the leading resources for biosolids dewatering and nutrient recovery solutions.

Nutrient Recovery by Trident - Team

We typically work with clients in the wastewater, sludge treatment and sludge management divisions of industrial and municipal organizations and provide solutions for their organics related waste streams. Our other priority is the agriculture sector where we provide market leading nutrient recovery solutions. Increasingly, our solutions and custom developed Trident equipment have been crossing over into mineral related industries such as mining and energy for their sludge treatment and sludge management issues. Trident’s use of unique polymer and biosolids dewatering solutions combined with custom configured equipment help reduce costs and increase efficiency of traditionally expensive high volume water and sludge treatment processes.

Trident Processes is your partner for Wastewater & Sludge Treatment and Nutrient Recovery Solutions.

About Trident

Biosolids and wastewater treatment solutions for municipal and agricultural applications

Highest Quality Standards

Designed for longevity and to withstand harshest conditions.

Excellent Project Management

We have the know-how to handle complex projects in time and budget.

Great Support

A network of specialist can address challenges and provide help.

We focus on the advancement of wastewater treatment technologies for the municipal and agricultural sector, provide state of the art equipment and manage the entire project from start to finish.

We are revolutionizing the process of biosolids dewatering.


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