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Trident Screw Press

High efficiency separation equipment

The Trident Screw Press is a durable, robust and efficient piece of equipment, purpose built for making bedding material from dairy manure. The press features a screw with interrupted flighting, graduated pitch and resistor teeth. The flighting is notched and a 1/32 inch screw-screen clearance further promotes effective dewatering and low maintenance operation. The screw shaft is supported on both ends ensuring robust and low wear operation. A simple yet effective shaft seal design prevents machine failure from manure liquid entering the gearbox. An air operated outlet door allows automated output control. The produced solids are coarse and fluffy with up to 34% dry matter, providing both cow comfort and excellent drainage characteristics required for use in today’s modern dairies. The equipment with its robust construction and corrosion resistant components is designed for long lasting operation, while reducing maintenance and operational costs.

Trident Screw Press

Image: A set of  Trident Screw Presses used on a dairy farm for dewatering separated manure solids. Trident Screw Presses are suitable for any type of manure.  

Trident Screw Press for Bedding Recovery

Image: An air actuated outlet mechanism on the discharge site helps control the fiber dryness. 

Trident Screw Press dewatering fiber for reuse as bedding

Image: After the dewatering process the dry fiber material can be returned immediately to the barn.   


Although there are a variety of screw press applications, the hopper-fed Trident Screw Press is purpose built for making bedding material from dairy manure solids. The equipment provides excellent solid-liquid separation of the organic materials and is proven to work reliably in the most demanding conditions.

Features and benefits

  • Advanced screw design generates high compressive forces for exceptional dry matter results
  • Interrupted flighting and graduated pitch to ensure reliable operation while reducing the risk of clogging
  • Screw supported on both ends for long-life operation
  • Automated air actuated outlet door – completely adjustable for effective dewatering
  • Efficient and reliable direct drive gearbox
  • Screw shaft seal keeps liquid out and ensures reliable performance
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