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Thank you for visiting our website. We are sending positive thoughts to all people impacted by the pandemic outbreak. And we greatly appreciate the commitment of all the workers and companies that support their communities, especially in these difficult times.

Our staff currently works remotely and while we are limiting field visits, we continue to help our clients in whatever way possible. We are available for you through video conferencing, phone and email communication.

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Kerry Doyle, CEO

Manure Manager: Manure benefits without the hassle

The production of manure-based fertilizer at Fair Oaks, IN is subject of a story in the recent issue of the Manure Manager. The article walks the reader through the process of finding and implementing the best suited nutrient recovery technology for the dairy, how Kerry Doyle and Trident Processes became involved to the partnership with Midwestern BioAg, who provided the last piece of the puzzle with their commercial fertilizer plant. The plant started operation in June 2017. The 85,000-square foot facility has a fertilizer production capacity of 65,000 tons per year with the potential to expand to 90,000 tons.

Fertilizer plant at Fair Oaks processing fertilizer from Trident's nutrient cake

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