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Trident nutrient recovery to be installed at 8,000 cow Indiana dairy farm

Abbotsford, BC – December 20th, 2018  Windy Ridge Dairy Farm has selected Trident Processes as technology provider for the implementation of a state of the art nutrient recovery system on their 8,000 cow dairy farm in Jasper County, Indiana. Trident’s nutrient recovery system will process the farm’s anaerobically digested manure waste to separate and capture the valuable nutrients. The isolation of NPK nutrients is considered a critical step in modern dairy farming. Not only does it promote environmentally sustainable farming, it also improves several operational aspects on the farm. More efficient storage and handling of the processed solids, or clean effluent water which drastically improves the lagoon management are just some of the advantages. Recovered nutrients can also be used as revenue-generating feedstock for commercial fertilizer production.

Kerry Doyle, CEO of Trident Processes: “We are excited for the opportunity to help Windy Ridge with their manure management. Nutrient recovery offers many benefits, both economically and environmentally, and is fast becoming standard practice in dairy farming. We expect the system’s commissioning to be completed by March 2019.”

Windy Ridge Dairy Farm - sign

Image: Indiana based Windy Ridge Dairy is implementing a nutrient recovery system to process the manure from its 8,000 cows. The system is a critical component in the farm’s sustainability program.

Two years ago, Windy Ridge Dairy Farm started their transformation with the implementation of a bedding recovery system, which was also provided by Trident Processes. This technology captures the organic fiber from manure, which in Windy Ridge’s case is reused as bedding in their free stall barns. The extraction of fiber from manure is also a precursor for the fine-solid separation that is required for the nutrient recovery process.

“We have been very happy with the performance of Trident’s bedding recovery system and it made our farm’s operation more efficient” adds Steve Bos, owner of Windy Ridge Dairy. He continues “I expect the same from the Nutrient Recovery System and the ROI calculations look very promising.”

Windy Ridge Dairy Farm - bedding storage

Image: The farm already processes the fiber in manure into bedding for their cows.

Trident Processes became known for its innovative manure treatment technology, when the team around CEO Kerry Doyle installed the first automated nutrient recovery system on a dairy farm in North America about four years ago. Trident has continued to advance its game changing zero-waste technologies, which was recognized at the White House in Washington D.C. during the EPA Nutrient Recycling Challenge. Trident is recipient of the 2018 Canadian Business Excellence Awards.

If you are interested in more information about the Trident nutrient recovery system and how it fits into your dairy farm, email or call 1.604.330.2500.

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