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Thank you for visiting our website. We are sending positive thoughts to all people impacted by the pandemic outbreak. And we greatly appreciate the commitment of all the workers and companies that support their communities, especially in these difficult times.

Our staff currently works remotely and while we are limiting field visits, we continue to help our clients in whatever way possible. We are available for you through video conferencing, phone and email communication.

Please contact your Trident representative, call 1-800-799-3470 or email


Kerry Doyle, CEO

We make manure management efficient

Bedding & Nutrient Recovery at 300 Cow Dairy

Learn more about Trident’s nutrient recovery system at a 300 cow dairy farm with anaerobic digester in British-Columbia’s Greater Vancouver area.

Nutrient Recovery at 14,000 Cow Dairy

Fair Oaks Farms, one of the largest dairy farms North America’s, has implemented an integrated manure management and resource recovery system at one of their sites with over 14,000 cows.

Bedding Recovery at Windy Ridge

The 7,000 cow dairy Windy Ridge in Indiana, uses manufactured bedding from their Trident Bedding Recovery System.

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