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Dairy In Fair Oaks Recovers Nutrients From Manure

14,000-cow dairy implements Trident’s Nutrient Recovery Technology

This nutrient recovery project is particularly interesting as Fair Oaks Farms is one of North America’s largest dairy farms, with its 14,000 cows. You can learn more about Fair Oaks Farms’ vision of modern and sustainable farm operations at the Fair Oaks Farms website.

The challenge

For the past many years the farm had been investigating the potential to segregate and capture the valuable nutrients contained in the manure from their anaerobic digesters; with the goal to create a nutrient rich cake for fertilizer and a “tea water” effluent for unrestricted land application. The keys would be to reduce the handling and transportation costs, allow for time sensitive applications of the carbon based fertilizer and improve effluent water quality.

Project Fair Oaks Farms | Nutrient Recovery by Trident Processes LLC
Project Fair Oaks Farms - Trident Processes LLC

What it looks like today

After extensive investigation the decision to choose the Trident system was made. With a proven processing and an effective method to extract and concentrate the NPK from the digestate, in the form of useable cake, the vision was realized. Various options are now available from that include the opportunity to manufacture fertilizer granules for on and off farm use. The clarified effluent that remains, referred to as “tea water” has the potential to be field applied via automated irrigation in an unrestricted manner. Thus enabling Fair Oaks Farms to fulfill their vision and achieve the ultimate in sustainability. Read the full article.

Case Study

To learn more about the project at Fair Oaks Farms, the specific requirements that had to be met and the benefits that Trident has brought to the operation, you can read the NEWTRIENT case study.

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