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Career Opportunities at Trident

Trident provides exciting career opportunities for wastewater experts and farm equipment professionals.

Trident Canadian Business Excellence Award 2018 logo

Trident is provider of innovative wastewater and resource recovery solutions for the agricultural, industrial and municipal sector. Trident provides dairy farms with class-leading nutrient and bedding recovery technologies that help address their challenges around manure management and sustainable farming. The award-winning Trident Nutrient Recovery System processes livestock manure into reusable by-products such as clarified water, concentrated nutrients and organic fibers. For industrial and municipal applications Trident provides high-efficient sludge dewatering technologies that allow improved wastewater treatment and biosolids management; considered by many WWTP operators and engineers as the top choice. Trident technologies stand out in many ways – our clients benefit from efficient and reliable systems that perform at a high level and require minimal Opex.

Get in touch with us if you are a talented and ambitious wastewater experts or farm equipment professional who is looking for exciting career opportunities.

If you are interested in joining our team and would like to learn about job opportunities, please contact our HR department at 604-330-2500 or email

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