Bedding Recovery Solutions

Dairy farmers who produce their own bedding save big

Trident Bedding Recovery can be a standalone system or completely integrated in the complex Nutrient Recovery system. One of the unique features of the Trident Nutrient Recovery System is the inclusion of the Trident Bedding System, a process that recycles the large fibre from manure which farmers can use as barn stall bedding.

The Trident Bedding System is unique because it extracts the manure’s large fiber eliminating the fine particles enabling us to produce a truly premium bedding.

This recycled fibre, called “green bedding”, makes an excellent substitute for the wood, straw, oat hulls or other organic material farmers usually purchase from outside suppliers.

Recycling fiber as bedding represents a significant cost savings for farmers and a big contributor to the ROI of the nutrient recovery system. The past few years, purchase of premium bedding has risen steadily, causing many farmers to either re-bed less often or look for cheaper material alternatives. This often has detrimental affects on cow health and cow comfort which can reduce milk production.

Manufacturing bedding from manure provides enough bedding material to allow farmers to bed deep and bed often, a key component to keeping cows healthy, comfortable and productive.

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Low capital cost

Proven and robust design

Small foot print

Automated control

Ease of installation

Superior bedding

The Trident bedding recovery process provides dairy farmers with safe, high-quality, low cost bedding manufactured from recycled manure. Our system is designed to focus on 2 key steps during the manure handling:

a) Conditioning and thickening

b) Dehydrating and drying

The Trident bedding system produces safe high quality bedding at a fraction of the cost of the enormous Drum Composting systems. Low life-cycle costs coupled with reduced operating costs make this high-quality system cost effective.

The system employs proven equipment and it’s ultra small footprint allows for easy shipping and simple installation.

a) Trident manure separator for conditioning and thickening

b) Trident Hi-Solids press for dehydrating and drying