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Trident Separation Equipment

Designed to provide efficient wastewater treatment and resource recovery as stand-alone equipment or completely integrated solution

Trident MD Press

The Trident MD Press excels where conventional screw press dewatering units are limited by their design. Ineffective dehydration or increased maintenance are challenges that operators are too familiar with. The key to the Trident MD Press dewatering process is the “dewatering cylinder”. This cylinder can achieve thickening and pressing (dewatering) in a single integrated operation. The MD Press can take sludge as dilute as 0.1% solids directly from a treatment process, including and oxidation ditch or clarifier, and produce and cake of over 20% solids. Separate thickening, storage and conditioning processes are eliminated. In addition, human operators, power consumption an water for operational wash-down are significantly reduced. Learn more

Trident Wave Separator

The Trident Wave Separator incorporates a unique material separation technology and offers a very effective alternative to conventional solid/liquid separation systems. Slow moving concentric discs gently move the material through the separation surface achieving high capacities and excellent capture rates. This provides a very effective material separation a small footprint and very low opex superior to centrifuge or belt press technology. The sludge cake can be generated in a batch processing or the system can run 24/7. The Wave material separator technology is scalable to suite multiple applications and varying volumes of material. Learn more

Trident Rotary Screen Conditioner

The Trident Rotary Screen Conditioner with Posi-Track is designed specifically for Sand-Laden Manure (SLM) animal manure. It is a simple and efficient rotating screen separator that operates in any SLM applications Scrape,  Flush or Flush Flume. Excellent resistance to abrasion, exceptional flow characteristics and superior solid removal makes the Trident perfect for any manure system application. The automated Clean in Place (CIP) cleaning system reduces screen clogging ensuring constant material processing rates. The Trident Posi-Track sprocket & ring gear drive system turns the screen on dependable rubber idler wheels guaranteeing absolutely no slipping and trouble free operation for many years. Learn more

Trident Screw Press

The Trident Screw Press is purpose built, durable, robust and efficient for making bedding material from dairy manure. The press is available with a tapered or straight screw shaft and conical screen design that maximizes compression generating exceptional dry matter. The resulting low moisture solids are coarse and fluffy providing both cow comfort and excellent drainage characteristics required for use in todays modern dairies. The unique conical design eliminates the need for tight tolerances dramatically reducing wear lowering maintenance and operational costs. The tapered screw never comes in contact with the screen. Robust construction coupled with corrosion resistant components and wear resistant design assures long life. The low tolerance design eliminates the high wear issues found in other screw presses providing long life making the Trident Screw Press reliable and economical to operate. Learn more

Trident DAF

The Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) unit clarifies animal wastewater by removing suspended organic material. Pressurized air injected into a patented mixing reactor optimizes air entrainment forming micro bubbles that float the suspended solid particles in the wastewater to the surface. The particles form a layer of sludge on the surface which is skimmed off by a rake assembly. The captured sludge is then transferred by an auger to a collection chamber. Learn more

Trident Polymer Hydration Unit

The Trident Polymer Hydration unit is an automated two stage dry polymer make-down and aging system that accurately meters, mixes, ages and then dispenses hydrated polymers for use in livestock wastewater treatment. In the make-down stage precise amounts of dry polymer are metered onto a diffuser plate, liquefied and thoroughly mixed. The blended polymer solution is transferred by gravity from the make- down and aging tank to the second stage tank for introduction to the waste stream. The hydrated polymer is injected into the waste stream via a positive displacement pump that delivers exact amounts of polymer for cost effective and efficient applications. Learn more

Trident Automation

The Automated System Control is customized control to fit the process variables. The complete package is pre-wired ready to hang. The PLC system includes VFDs, sensors for manure conditioners, built-in pre-adjusted time delays, emergency alarm/action circuit with alarms and total run-time timer. Learn more

Trident Metering Auger

The Trident Metering Auger precisely meters conditioned manure from the Trident Rotary Screen Conditioner to the Trident Screw Press. The Trident Metering Auger maximizes the throughput capacity of the screw press and ensures maximum efficiency and system performance to consistently produce high quality bedding. Learn more

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