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Our staff currently works remotely and while we are limiting field visits, we continue to help our clients in whatever way possible. We are available for you through video conferencing, phone and email communication.

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Kerry Doyle, CEO

Trident Polymer Hydration Unit

Effectively managing chemical pre-treatment

The Trident polymer hydration unit is an automated two stage polymer make-down and aging system that accurately mixes, ages and dispenses hydrated polymers for use in wastewater treatment. In the make-down stage precise amounts of polymer are metered onto a diffuser plate, liquefied and thoroughly mixed. The blended polymer solution is transferred by gravity from the make- down and aging tank to the second stage tank for introduction to the waste stream. The hydrated polymer is injected into the waste stream via a positive displacement pump that delivers exact amounts of polymer for cost effective and efficient applications.

Depending on the project requirements Trident can provide a polymer system for both dry and emulsion polymer.

Trident Polymer Hydration Unit

Image: The hydrated polymer is injected into the waste stream via a positive displacement pump. Mixers, auto valves, pumps, and controls included. All framing materials and tanks are 304 SS. Stair treads and platform are gray chemgrate.

Features and benefits

  • PLC controlled for completely automated operation
  • Cam gauge metering for precise and effective dry polymer dispensing
  • Efficient gear drive mixer
  • Positive displacement pump
  • Working platform for convenient and safe maintenance procedures
  • Skid mounted for easy transport and setup
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