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Trident Wave Separator

The Trident Wave Separator incorporates a unique material separation technology and offers a very effective alternative to conventional solid/liquid separation systems. Slow moving concentric discs gently move the material through the separation surface achieving high capacities and excellent capture rates. This provides a very effective material separation, a small footprint and very low opex superior to centrifuge or belt press technology. The sludge cake can be generated in a batch processing or the system can run 24/7. The Wave material separator technology is scalable to suite multiple applications and varying volumes of material.

Trident Wave Separator

Reliable high capacity thickener with compact foot print and low cost for operation and maintenance. Available with floc tank and mixer.

Trident Wave Separator rotating discs

Slow moving oval discs, mounted on columns, convey the material over the separation screen allowing liquid to escape through the wedge wire construction. Typically applications target 2-7% sludge concentration.

Specific Applications

  • Food wastes treatment in school feeding center for scraps of food processing
  • Fishery wastes treatment
  • Crusher drainage waste disposer
  • Process before treatment wastewater
  • Drain water off devise from food etc.
  • Primary filtration for wastes coming from grease traps
  • Enrichment screen before dehydration
  • Dehydrator

Features & Benefits

No clogging, washing is carried out by slits opposite continuous rotation
  • Continuous slow rotation of the oval plates between the fixed bars causes high efficient separation from stock solution into liquid and solid at the same time, self-cleaning is occurred.
Stable treatment capacity
  • Continuous cleaning process does not affect the treatment capacity.
Large transport capacity
  • The rotation of oval plates smoothly in a wave-shape causes high transport efficieny.
Operation is easy with high energy saving
  • Driving motor is only used with high energy-saving, very easy operation by using (ON-OFF) switch only.
Easy maintenance
  • Since structure is quite simple, maintenance is also easy.
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