Nutrient Recovery Solutions

Nutrient Recovery Technology is critical for modern agriculture

For centuries farm manure disposal was solved by simply spreading the rich fertilizer on the land to help the crops grow. Today, that is no longer the best solution, in fact, it is the problem as farmland has become overloaded with nutrients and there are serious ramifications. Modern farming is looking to advanced technology.

Effectively managing nutrients from animal manure serves the environment well and provides solid business opportunities for the producers.

We have developed the Trident Nutrient Recovery System, an award winning manure management process that is easy for farmers to purchase, implement, use and maintain. It provides a complete solution including many benefits besides just nutrient recovery.

The multi-step process generates cost savings and revenue potential all along the way. Breaking the process into steps ensures simplicity and ease of operation. Incorporating farm ready equipment and components means low capital, operating and maintenance costs.

Total automation of the system ensures seamless operation, and continuos monitoring. Making split second adjustments maximizes the system’s performance.

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Complete automation of manure system

Recover NPK nutrients

Meet NMP requirements

Enable farm growth on existing land

Recycle 95% of water

Reduce transportation by 80%

Capture fiber for 100% of bedding needs

Increase crop yield

Optimized processes for worry free operations

Trident Nutrient Recovery System Prairies Edge, Fair Oaks, IN

To achieve efficient nutrient recovery, we look at different stages of this complex process, and optimize each key step. The result is a highly automated system that allows cost effective use of existing farm recourses and simple, worry free operations. Click the flowchart image to enlarge it.

Trident Nutrient Recovery Flow Chart

During the nutrient recovery process there are 3 recycled products that are introduced back into the farm’s operation cycle:

Dry Fibre Bedding

Trident Nutrient Recovery Process - Dry Fibre Bedding

Nutrient Rich Solids

Trident Nutrient Recovery Process - Nutrient Rich Solids

Clean Water

Trident Dewatering Process - Low Solids Effluent Water