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Nutrient Recovery Solutions

Nutrient recovery is critical for modern dairy farming

Why has nutrient recovery become such an important aspect of dairy farming? Traditionally, dairy farm manure disposal was solved by simply spreading the manure on the land to help the crops grow. Today, that is no longer the best solution. In fact, applying liquid manure to farm land has become challenging for many dairies, both from an economic and environmental perspective. Hauling manure in large tankers is expensive and creates a high liability. We often see as a result that the land close to the barns is overloaded with manure and nutrients.

Modern dairy farmers see an opportunity to change the way manure is managed and implement advanced technologies that utilize manure as a feedstock and convert its various valuable components into re-usable and easy to manage co-products.

Farmers recognize the operational and economic benefits of nutrient recovery. Reduced transportation costs, improved lagoon management, clean water for reuse as flush or for sand recovery are just some examples.

A manure management process that improves several aspects of a dairy farm

The Trident Nutrient Recovery System is an award winning manure management process that recovers three main components from manure:

  • It recycles large volumes of clarified water. The water is reused on the farm as flush water or for land application. Is the water sent to a lagoon it drastically improves the lagoon management due to a high reduction of suspended solids in the liquid.
  • The concentrated nutrients are available in an easy to manage high-solids format. The large volume reduction results in reduced hauling cost. Four out of five truck loads can be eliminated. The nutrient solids can also be used as valuable feedstock for commercial fertilizer production.
  • The recovered fiber are available for reuse as bedding material, soil health amendment or as feedstock for other applications.

The range of benefits for the dairy is broad: i.e. Significant volume reduction helps reduce transportation costs; only a fraction of the solids is sent to the lagoon requiring fewer lagoon clean-outs; clarified water can be land applied through efficient low-pressure irrigation systems; farmers can increase their herd size without having to expand their land base.

The multi-step process generates cost savings and revenue potential all along the way. Breaking the process into steps ensures simplicity and ease of operation. Incorporating farm ready equipment and components means low capital, operating and maintenance costs.

Total automation of the system ensures seamless operation, and continuos monitoring. Making split second adjustments maximizes the system’s performance.

Interested in Equipment Financing? Contact us for details.

Meet NMP requirements

Recover NPK nutrients

Automated manure system

Enable farm growth on existing land

Recycle 95% of water

Reduce transportation by 80%

Capture fiber for 100% of bedding needs

Increase crop yield

Optimized processes for efficient operations

Sustainable Dairy Farming - Nutrient Recovery

Visitors at a dairy form in front of concentrated nutrient solids that are left after dairy cow manure has been processed with Trident’s nutrient recovery technology.

To achieve efficient nutrient recovery, we look at different stages of this complex process, and optimize each key step. The result is a highly automated system that allows cost effective use of existing farm recourses and simple, worry free operations. For more information visit the links below.

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